We are fully BSL authorised (authorisation no. BSL0053522-0002/BSL0053522-0004) and only supply ENplus A1 accredited wood pellet fuel, of a premium quality. From September 2017 there are changes to the RHI scheme to use fuels that meet the sustainability criteria to continue to receive payments. For more information regarding ENplus and wood pellet quality please visit http://www.pelletcouncil.org.uk/

The BDS system of storage and delivery ensures the high quality of our product is maintained throughout the whole process –this is critical to the efficiency and maintenance of your biomass boiler system.

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Wood Pellet silo

Biomass wood pellets have a low moisture content and a high volume energy density. It is essential they are stored and delivered carefully to ensure the quality is maintained.

Our pellets are stored in a purpose built storage silo, known as “The Tower”. This keeps them dry and free from contaminants.

Pellet tanker

Our compact mini bulk tankers are not only small enough to deliver to restricted access premises, but are also certified legal for trade and provide guaranteed metered deliveries. They are fully equipped to deliver the pellets direct into your storage silo using “Gentle Breeze” technology.

The integral dust extraction system is powered from the tanker, so we do not require it to be connected to your electrical supply, and it minimizes the dust that can contaminate boilers and storage silos.

We can deliver up to 8.5 tonnes with our compact tanker, 14 tonnes with our six wheeler tanker and up to 29 tonnes with our larger tankers.

Hopper Cleaner

It is also recommended you have your boiler regularly serviced, please contact us and we can give you details of companies that offer this.

We now offer a professional hopper cleaning service. The end-user’s store must have been cleaned periodically. The frequency of cleaning is based on the number of deliveries but a minimum of once every two years, and the store must have been completely cleaned after every 5 deliveries.

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