Created in 1983 as a small bottled gas distribution business, there has been steady growth over the last 35 years which has brought us to where we are now:-

A dedicated specialist supplier of bulk blown wood pellets and LPG throughout Cumbria, North Lancashire, The Fylde, North Yorkshire, Northumberland and the South West Scottish Border.

The company is based upon a core of dedicated employees and staff turnover is almost non-existent. We take great pride in our loyalty and dedication and the results are plain for everyone to see. As a company, we value this extremely close working relationship between all of its staff and the customers they serve.

It has shown how much difference a dedicated team can make, and if ever things go wrong (which does happen occasionally, even though it is quite rare!) then the opportunity for correcting mistakes is always so much easier to create. Common sense really does still exist.

Over the last 35 years, there have been many changes, with expansion and consolidation generating the basis of a sound core business. With the addition of wood pellet deliveries in 2014, we are now a dedicated specialist gas and premium wood pellet distribution operation which is geared especially to the needs of its customers. The fundamental principles of personal contact, quality of product and competitive pricing have created a business which understands the needs of consumers and how to provide a first class service to them. This heritage is a vital part of our success

Delivery Map

We deliver throughout Cumbria, Lancashire, North Yorkshire and the South West Scottish Border. For more information please call, email or use the contact form.